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We apply our team’s global expertise and experience to advise across a wide range of growth sectors and strategic assets in Scotland, seeking out work that requires partnership, long-term thinking and innovation in finding a solution.
Our sector expertise spans Energy, Financial Services, Food and Drink, Sustainability, Housing, Infrastructure, and Technology, and our work in these areas has included some of the country’s most ambitious projects in recent years.

The Three Stills Company (TTSC) was founded in 2013 with the aim of building and operating the first distillery in the Scottish borders for over 180 years. That vision was realised with the opening of The Borders Distillery at Hawick in 2018.

Applying a deep knowledge of the Scotch whisky sector, Noble & Co has been instrumental to the distillery from the outset, assessing the business strategy, building the model and raising over £20m of funds.

Most recently the work led to a successful debt raise of £8m through an Asset Based Loan from Santander in April 2021. As one of Scotland’s most exciting food and drink propositions, the loan will help facilitate further production as the distillery focusses on maturing Scotch whisky stocks.

This work adds to the long line of whisky credentials for Noble & Co, including The Borders Distillery, Holyrood Distillery, Compass Box, Belfast Distillery, Adelphi and Jackson Distillers as well as a number of other non-disclosable transactions.

PfP Capital is a fund management business that grew out of Places for People – a leading placemaker in the UK with social impact and sustainability at its core.

Noble & Co completed their fundraising advisory role for PfP Capital’s Mid-Market Rent Fund in November 2020.

The fund was established to deliver a minimum of 1,000 affordable mid-market rental homes in Scotland’s central belt for those to whom the traditional private rental market was out of reach. It is estimated that meeting the Scottish Government’s target to build 50,000 affordable homes by 2021 could restart the economy following Covid-19 with each £1 invested creating £2 in economic output.

Noble and Co ran a full fundraising process for PfP Capital, creating a financial model, completing financial analysis, creating investor marketing materials, identifying buyers, negotiating terms and working with lawyers to ensure a robust prospectus was agreed.

Leveraging its strong track record, contacts and know-how to frame the investment attractively to pension funds, and national institutes, Noble & Co raised £180m for PfP Capital.

Hampden & Co is an independent private bank with headquarters in Edinburgh and London. Servicing high-net-worth individuals, their families and businesses, Hampden’s launch in 2015 was the first of its kind in the UK in recent years.

Noble & Co were appointed to advise Hampden & Co at an early stage in the firm’s development and having worked together for over six years, continue in an advisory role today.

Running a series of fundraising processes, Noble & Co supported Hampden & Co by strategically reviewing the business, constructing a financial model, completing financial analysis and creating investor marketing materials. Working with lawyers and a diverse portfolio of investors including family offices, high-net-worth individuals, pension funds and financial funds, Noble & Co has agreed and marketed a robust proposition for Hampden, raising over £90m to date.

Six years on from their launch in 2015, Hampden & Co are forecasting profitability and continue to grow revenue and client base.

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